Residential events (retreats) allow intensive meditation to be explored in the supportive presence of a group context. When silence and stillness are opened to, the preoccupation with time and the many narratives that can play through the bodymind have an opportunity to dissipate. The possibility of realizing what is both all too familiar yet often overlooked can emerge as simplicity and wonder.

Guided meditation instructions, small group inquiry sessions, dharma talks, yoga and rest weave together to structure the residentials and allow a potential opening beyond structure, expectation and patterned existence.

Much of what arises as limited or restrictive appears so because of distorted perception, the root of which functions as the view of separation. All longing or seeking arises as an attempt to end or transcend this view of separation. As the interconnected nature of life is sensed or intuited, in the immediacy of what is actually always already happening, then seeking and striving naturally fall away. This insight somehow communicates that life is both empty and full simultaneously. It is empty in that it is realized that nothing lasts and therefore nothing can be grasped, owned or possessed. It is full in that life as it truly is, is complete, whole, undivided, and ever being itself as all the multiplicities of experience.

Residential events are more than just a time for reflection and rest, they are opportunities for immediate wisdom to emerge, clarifying what might be troubling or confused and illuminating the immediacy of freedom in all things.



5-Day Meditation with Paul Linn and Steve Bean
December 3-8, 2021
Tampa, FL

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