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About GVS

The Gainesville Vipassana Society, Inc. was formed in 1997 to support the presence and growth of dharma teachings and specifically the practice of insight meditation.

Dharma teachings are to be experienced, in the sense that they need to be made vivid and authentic.This can at times happen spontaneously through readings or discussions; however, the unique gift of meditation practice is that it fully emphasizes direct immediate insight. For this reason, GVS has since its inception been offering residential events (retreats) that allow participants to engage in intensive periods of silence, meditation and inquiry.

The Society also offers ongoing weekly sitting group(s) as well as online teachings in audio and video formats. Beyond these activities, the Society also regularly networks with teaching centers, friends and dharma resources worldwide.  GVS is incorporated in the state of Florida and is an organization holding 501 © (3) non - profit status with the IRS.

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GVS, Inc.
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